We are always looking for volunteers to assist us in any way possible. We have many people who volunteer at Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks, Kent and with our charity The Aspinall Foundation

Park based volunteers help provide information to our visitors, as well as volunteering  their time to work on the animal sections, help out across our various back office teams and also give their time fundraising for the charity or helping out at fundraising events we organise. To see some of the challenges other people have undertaken on our behalf, see the Conservation Captains section of our website.

Charity volunteers – recruiting now!

The Aspinall Foundation is the charity that works in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal parks, and works to protect endangered animals though a process of captive breeding and reintroduction into protected areas of the wild.

After sending three black rhino back to Tanzania in 2012 (after a fond farewell from Prince William!), we also have some big plans for 2013 with Djala and his family group of western lowland gorillas heading back to the Gabon from Port Lympne. To learn more about the conservation programmes we run, please click here.

To fund the conservation work we do, we need to raise over £1.5 million every year, and for this we are totally reliant on our donors and volunteer fundraisers. The money you raise goes directly to our conservation programmes around the world and is helping make a real difference to endangered animals.

However you would like to support our charity we will find the right role for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on  or on volunteer@aspinallfoundation.org01303 2341199 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm).


Here are some of the ways you could help as a volunteer with The Aspinall Foundation:


Charity tin champions! To place collecting tins into selected locations and collect them again when full. This is a valuable source of income to us, but with more volunteers, we could place and collect even more charity tins.

Street collectors! You will regularly see us in the local area with our buckets collecting money. With more volunteers we could increase the number the locations where we collect whilst promoting the amazing work we do at the same time.

Aspinall ambassadors! We’re always on the lookout for Aspinall Ambassadors to help us forge closer links with the local communities. Whether recruiting more volunteers, providing talks about who we are and what we do, or developing ties with local businesses and schools, the work our Aspinall Ambassadors do is invaluable in helping us grow as a charity.

Event volunteers! We hold a number of events throughout the year that require volunteers at. These will include helping out at charity challenges, selling merchandise at events, writing up stories for our press teams, promoting our events to the local communities and signing people up to our fundraising events.

Conservation Captains! If you have a specific idea in mind for a challenge or fundraiser you would like to organise, please don’t hesitate. Contact us so we know what you are planning and we will be able to offer advice and support and ensure you fundraising event is a roaring success!

However you would like to support our charity we will find the right role for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on volunteer@aspinallfoundation.org or on 01303 234165 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm).


Park based volunteers - No current vacancies

We love having volunteers working in the parks as guides who can provide information to our visitors including facts about the animals, information about the parks and speaking to people about The Aspinall Foundation’s overseas work and how they can support the charity.  We also use volunteers in our car parks welcoming visitors and assisting with car parking duties. Depending on the number of people volunteering in the park on a given day, we like to rotate our volunteers from station to station to ensure each gets the opportunity to be based in different areas of the parks.

To volunteer as a guide in the parks, you will need to be confident in speaking to members of the public and to act as the face of the charity.

Animal sections volunteers – limited opportunities available!

We often take on people wishing to volunteer on our various animal sections within the parks. This is the only aspect of volunteering where we have stricter criteria for who we use because of the line of work. To be eligible for this, we do ask that you have either already gained, or are working towards an animal management qualification as you will be utilised as a full member of the team and will need the relevant experience or qualifications.

For those not in a position to apply to volunteer on one of the sections, there are other options including volunteering in the parks, or participating in one of our paid for animal experiences which you can find out more about by clicking either Howletts Wild Animal Park Experiences or Port Lympne Wild Animal Park Experiences and where closer supervision and guidance is given by the keepers.


Office support volunteers – No current vacancies

We utilise volunteers across our many back office departments, and are likely to have an opportunity for you no matter where your interest or skills set lies.

We utilise volunteers across marketing, fundraising, hospitality & events, sales, education & enrichment and maintenance & gardens.


Start volunteering today!

All volunteer positions are listed on our Job Vacancies page, or if you would like to offer your help as a volunteer now please email us on  volunteer@aspinallfoundation.org and we’ll be able to find you a role to suit your interests and skills.

Thank you