Spotted: Curious Leopard Uncovers Camera Trap In Africa

Tue, 23/04/2013 - 4:45pm

The Aspinall Foundation, a world leading conservation charity, headed by dedicated conservationist – Damian Aspinall, has released this incredible footage showing the moment a rare leopard spots a camera trap, at the conservation charity’s flagship project in Africa, protecting one million acres of land, known as the Batéké Plateau.

Amos Courage, Overseas Project Director said: ‘The Batéké Plateau is an area of incredible biodiversity where many forest and savanna species can be found. Part of our commitment to conservation is taking concrete steps towards preserving areas along with protecting individual species.’

The leopard population, once widespread throughout Africa, is now in decline due to habitat loss and hunting for their fur and body parts – still widely traded in parts of the continent.

Amos commented: ‘Footage like this reinforces the importance of protecting habitats and finding ways to extend this protection beyond the limits of national reserves. The camera traps have proved very successful in providing us with an idea of the amount of species in this area, their numbers and their movements.’

Camera traps are an effective and unobtrusive method for conservationists to measure wild animal populations and track the frequency and distribution of their movements.  The Aspinall Foundation has utilised these cameras for two years at their conservation project in Africa and has already documented evidence of many species including chimpanzees, forest elephants and the very rare black serval.