Leopards Spotted in Canterbury!

Wed, 27/03/2013 - 2:44pm


Visitors to Howletts Wild Animal Park, near Canterbury, this Easter will be able to spot the rare and elusive north Chinese leopards in their brand new glass fronted enclosure.
The enclosure – built by Jacksons Fencing, is open topped with glass frontage and filled with natural foliage. High platforms and climbing poles for the residents have also been included, to help encourage natural behaviours.
Neil Spooner, Animal Director said: ‘This new enclosure is great for the leopards – they can be as high as they like or hide away, I quite often see one of them on the highest platform looking out over the rest of the park.’
North Chinese leopards are extremely rare in captivity and Howletts Wild Animal Park is one of only two collections which house the cats in the UK. The leopards are famous for their distinctive markings - they have a darker coat than other leopards, spotted with dark rosettes.
Neil added: ‘Leopards occupy the largest geographical range of any species of cat. They are found throughout Africa, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, north into China and the Russian Federation. Sadly the north Chinese leopard is now restricted to small fragmented populations in northern China.