Foody Fun At Howletts For November

Mon, 29/10/2012 - 10:43am

Visitors to Howletts Wild Animal Park, near Canterbury, in November can follow the self guided trails to discover the dietary secrets that the keepers use to keep the animals in tip top condition, as part of the monthly theme – Tickling The Tastebuds.

Neil Spooner, Animal Director explained: ‘Nutrition is a vital part of animal management and we take the animals’ diets very seriously.  We grow a lot of our own produce on our plantations to ensure that the animals get the very best.’

Howletts is home to 61 different species and 496 animals in total, ranging from African elephants to western lowland gorillas, big cats, elusive small cats and a variety of primates including gibbons, langurs, lemurs and colobus.

Neil added: ‘From leaf eaters, meat eaters and fruit eaters we have to make sure we provide a varied and rich diet for all of our animals.  This month, visitors can find out how much we need to feed the elephants, what really tickles the gorillas’ tastebuds and much more.’