Baby Giant Anteater

Thu, 27/06/2013 - 12:16pm
Keepers at Howletts Wild Animal Park, near Canterbury in Kent, are delighted to announce the birth of a baby giant anteater. The latest arrival adds to the wild animal park’s recent baby boom and the parks already impressive breeding records.
Head of Hoofstock Section, Joel Bunce said: ‘We were delighted with this latest arrival. It’s been a long time since we had a giant anteater birth and this little one is getting on really well.’
Giant Anteaters are native to South America and females normally give birth to one baby at a time, after a gestation period of 190 days. Young are carried on their mother’s backs and they may stay with their mothers for up to 2 years.
Neil Spooner, Animal Director added: ‘Mum, Fidgi and Dad, Zet are proving to be great parents. I’m very pleased with our recent baby boom at the park and we have welcomed a large number of new arrivals this year.’
Howletts Wild Animal Park is designed to be a breeding sanctuary for some of the worlds most rare and endangered species and management are keen to stress that the park – one of Kent’s top visitor attractions, is very different to a traditional zoo.
Damian Aspinall, Chairman of The Aspinall Foundation – the conservation charity working with both Howletts and sister park, Port Lympne, near Ashford said: ‘We don’t believe that we or anyone should keep animals purely for entertainment, that’s why we treat our animals as guests and we believe that this is why we are a world leader in breeding rare and endangered species.’
Visitors to Howletts Wild Animal Park will be able to see the baby anteater grow and develop over the next few months when they take advantage of the Passport – the one day ticket that lasts all year.