Adorable Video Footage of New Baby Macaques

Tue, 04/02/2014 - 12:47pm

The family of endangered lion-tailed macaques at Howletts Wild Animal Park are celebrating valentine’s with two new adorable additions to their family.

Exclusive video footage has captured the newborn primates as they cuddle up to their mothers to keep warm this winter and begin to explore their enclosure.  

Lion-tailed macaques are famous for their magnificent manes and the brushes on their tails, which gives the primates a unique lion-like appearance.

Tom Garland, Primate Keeper reports: “Baby lion-tailed macaques develop quickly and our two latest babies are no exception!  They are already very playful, inquisitive and confident. Soma, who was born on Christmas Eve, is the offspring of the dominant female in this group.  As a result of this status, Soma can get away with a lot of mischief!”

Lion-tailed macaques are an endangered species, with less than 2,500 mature individuals in the wild.  As the severe risks of hunting and habitat loss continue, it is predicted that the population of macaques will continue to decline at more than 20% across the next 25 years.

This species of macaque are native to the Western Ghats of southwest India, where they inhabit the canopy of the evergreen monsoon forest.  They are mostly frugivorous and insectivores, with the ability to adapt to a relatively wide range of habitats by modifying their diet to include more shoots, insects and seeds.

Visitors will be able to see the latest baby macaques this February half term during Howletts’ special Wild at Heart week, from 15th – 23rd February.  With extra animal talks, a fun trail to follow through the park and special animal enrichment, there will be fun for all the family to enjoy throughout half term at Howletts!

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