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Double Trouble - Baby Gelada Baboons

Created: 20th Apr 2015By suel

Primate Keepers at Howletts Wild Animal Park, one of Kent’s most popular visitor attractions, have announced the public debut of not one, but two adorable gelada baboon youngsters.  The two infants have been close to their mothers for the last few months, but now, with the start of the Easter break, they are starting to explore their surroundings.

Matt Ford, Head Primate Keeper at Howletts said: ‘The two youngsters, a male named Akobo and a female, named Amba, are really finding their feet now and they’re always out and about exploring their new surroundings.  Our visitors should easily be able to spot them during the Easter holidays.’

Akobo, born in October last year to mother Simira and Amba, born at the end of February this year to mother Asmara are very welcome additions to the gelada baboon troupe at the wild animal park, near Canterbury and keepers have noticed that Akobo, despite his young age is already showing interest in grazing and solid food.

Jo Marden, Deputy Head of Primates added: Akobo is a really confident little baboon and it’s fantastic that both the youngsters are so close in age.  They have each other to play and explore with and that’s very important for young baboons.  Even though Amba is only a few weeks old she’s already started to spend more time away from her mother and interact with Akobo.’