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Summer Holiday Events at Howletts
Created: 2nd Jun 2016By suel
Event Start Date: Sat, 23/07/2016 - 09:30
Event End Date: Sun, 04/09/2016 - 17:30

Come along to Howletts this summer holiday as we celebrate our Animal Athletes and take part in a host of free activities and games with a sporting theme.  You can win prizes when you take part in our Animal Athlete Trail and our themed competitions plus join our Education Presenters for fun and fact packed talks every day!  Each week we’ll be highlighting our different amazing animal athletes and challenging you to compete with their mighty skills!

Silverback Weight Lifting
Saturday 23rd to Sunday 31st July 2016

Join us at selected times at the Education Centre this week to see if you can take on the Silverback Weight Lifting Challenge!  Flex your muscles and test your strength to see if you can lift the same weight as a silverback as we challenge you to test the weight of three different sacks.  If you can lift the sacks successfully you could win a Howletts goody bag!  Don’t forget to join us for free talks, games and crafts taking place throughout the week too.

Gibbon Gymnastics
Monday 1st to Sunday 7th August 2016

Take part in our fun gibbon gymnastic games at the Pavilion play area this week to see if you can hang around for as long as a gibbon on our monkey bars.  Beat the gibbon time of five minutes and you could win a Howletts goody bag!  Plus, join our Education Presenters for free fact packed talks, sporting themed games and much more taking place all week!

Capybara Splash Down
Monday 8th August to Sunday 14th August 2016

We’re celebrating the aquatic skills of some of our Animal Athletes this week.  Some of our animals including our tapirs and capybara are skilled in water aerobics and capybara can hold their breath underwater for an impressive 5 minutes.  Join us at the Education Centre to take the hold your breath challenge and see if you can take home a prize! 

Serval High Jump
Monday 15th to Sunday 21st August 2016

Did you know that Servals can jump as high as 2.7m (9ft) from a standing start?  Join us at selected times this week to see if you can match the impressive skills of our serval and you could be taking home a Howletts goody bag!  Take part in our Animal Athlete Trail during your visit and you could also win a Junior Ranger or Keeper Academy Day, or just for fun, have a go at our Animals Around The World Game!

Rhino Sprint
Monday 22nd August to Sunday 28th August 2016

Join us every day this week to discover the super sprinting speed of a rhino!  Did you know they can run up to 40mph?  Test your sprinting speciality and see how fast you can run to take home a Howletts Goody bag!  Plus, Join our Education Presenters for free fact packed animal talks, crafts, games and activities for a wild day out like no other.

Leopard Long Jump
Monday 29th August to Sunday 4th September 2016

Leap down to the Education Centre at selected times this week to discover how far our snow leopards can jump.  Try our Long Jump Challenge to see if you’re an animal athlete winner and Join our team for free animal talks taking place around the park all day, every day. Don’t forget to see our snow leopards in their lovely new home and see if you can spot our Northern Chinese Leopards too!