Are you looking for the story about Djala's Journey Home? If So Click Here.

Meet the family of critically endangered western lowland gorillas making the groundbreaking journey back to the wild from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, as part of world leading conservation charity The Aspinall Foundation's Back to the Wild Campaign.

Djala's family group will be making their new home in the 1 million acre reserve managed by The Aspinall Foundation, spanning the Bateke Plateau in Africa.  Read more about the journey here.

You can help the gorillas make their journey home by taking up the One Mile Challenge, click here to find out more about how running, cycling, bouncing, scooting one mile can help these gorillas go back to the wild.  

Age: 30yrs Old
Height: 5’10
Weight: 200kg
Djala is the silverback male and head of the group; he is a sensitive, protective father and occasionally can be spotted playing with his kids.  When he is happy and contented he produces low rumbling noises.

Age: 23yrs old
Height: 4’10
Weight: 90kg
Tamki is one of the females and absolutely loves Djala, although she is a non breeding female. Tamki is quite people orientated because she was hand reared and she loves a game of stick pointing with her keepers.  She has a great personality, although she can be quite fierce and doesn’t like to back down if a scuffle breaks out amongst the group.  
Age: 25yrs old
Height: 4’10
Weight: 100kg
Mumba is a fantastic mum and although she is protective of her babies she is, on the whole, very relaxed and holds a high position within the group.  Mumba loves her food and as a result has quite a big tummy.
Age:14yrs old
Height: 4’8
Weight: 100kg
Kishi is a good and experienced mum and one of the dominant females in the group.  She has two daughters, Mbwambe and Akou who will also be going back to the wild.  Kishi can be very vocal and sings for her dinner but when she is upset she can scream for Great Britain!
Fou FouFou Fou
Age: 20yrs old
Height: 4’10
Weight: 100kg
Fou Fou is another dominant female and has a four year old son. She is very confident and is prone to stubbornness – she won’t do anything she doesn’t want to.
Age: 20 yrs old
Height: 4’10
Weight: 90kg
Kibi is another experienced mum; she has a six year old son named Djongo. Kibi has a very sweet, gentle nature and is quite a quiet character.
Age: 6yrs old
Height: 3’10
Weight: 50kg
Djongo is one of the juvenile members of the group and is six years old.  He is a typical boy and loves to play with his younger brother, Louna and sister, Mbwambe.  He can be very boisterous at times but he can be shy when it comes to people.
Age: 6yrs old
Height: 3’10
Weight: 50kg
At six years old, Mwambe likes to play and shows a lot of interest in the younger members of the group.  She is very gentle and is partial to a tickle from her keepers from time to time.  She loves her food and sings at dinner time – she’s also a bit of a daddy’s girl and often has her morning drink with Djala in his bedroom.
Age: 4yrs old
Height: 3’6
Weight: 40kg
Louna is a four year old boy who loves to play with his siblings.  He’s confident and intelligent although prone to bouts of silliness.  One of his favourite pastimes is hanging upside down.
Age: 1 yrs old
Height: 2’6
Weight: 15kg
Akou is one of the youngest family members and at 17 months old her personality is starting to shine through.  She is just starting to gain more confidence and has discovered the joys of clapping.