Djala's Remarkable Journey Home

Back To The Wild

A western lowland gorilla family from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park has taken its next step on their journey back to the wild. The family is headed by Djala, a 30 year old silverback. As a baby Djala was rescued from Africa and flown to the safety of Port Lympne where he has become one of the largest silverbacks in captivity, weighing 200kgs and fathering a total of 15 offspring. Djala and his family have spent their first year in Africa on Gorilla Island, and are now taking their first steps to freedom. Click here for latest news from Gorilla Island.

The family's journey is part of The Aspinall Foundation's Back To The Wild Campaign in conjunction with Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, and has been made possible by generous gifts from supporters of the charity, our partner DHL and the Gabonese Government.

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To find out more about our Back To The Wild Campaign, and the other animals we are returning to their natural habitats, visit the Back To The Wild section of our website..

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