Pioneering conservationist and Chairman of The Aspinall Foundation, Damian Aspinall, has outlined his ambitious campaign to reintroduce critically endangered black rhino, Javan langurs and a Javan gibbon to protected areas in the wild.

Plans are also underway for the most incredible reintroduction ever seen.  A complete, captive bred family group of western lowland gorillas will be returned to The Aspinall Foundation’s rescue and rehabilitation project, spanning Congo and Gabon. You can get involved in this epic jouirney back to the wild by making a donation today.

Previous reintroductions include western lowland gorilla, Kwibi, raised by Damian at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent.  Kwibi was transferred to the project in Gabon in 2003 and after 5 years living as a wild gorilla in his natural forest home, Kwibi was reunited with Damian...

Over the next 12 months Damian plans to release an unprecedented number of captive born animals to their native homelands.  Damian Aspinall said: ‘These are exciting times ahead and subject to the relevant permissions we will be able to fulfil our core objective by sending these animals home where they belong. Reintroduction to the wild has always been at the forefront of The Aspinall Foundation’s conservation strategy and to potentially achieve these colossal projects over the course of a year is outstanding.’

‘The number of animals that we are releasing will bring a much needed boost to indigenous populations, currently under the real threat of extinction. This unique and historical event in animal husbandry is only made possible by the success of the breeding programmes at Howletts and Port Lympne and the worldwide wilderness protection programmes.’  He added.

Find out how you can get involved with sending these precious animals back to the wild.