Ambam the Gorilla

Port Lympne
Date Of Birth: 

Ambam was born at Howletts on the 14th April 1990 to mother Shamba and father Bitam. He suffered a serious illness when he was a year old and consequently had to be taken away from his mother for intensive treatment. After a recovery period that took a number of months, he was introduced to a group of other young gorillas.

When he was about 7 years old, Ambam made the short journey from Howletts to Port Lympne, along with 4 of the gorillas he grew up with (all half brothers to Ambam). These five individuals were put together as a bachelor group. Now a fully grown adult silverback weighing in at an impressive 220kg, Ambam is still living the laid-back bachelor life. A true gourmet, all those hearty meals are undoubtedly behind his title of park heavy weight! Although he’s the largest gorilla at our park, luckily he only throws his weight around when he has to.

In 2010, Ambam shot to international stardom after a short YouTube film showed him walking upright very much like a human (bipedal). Gorillas normally walk on all fours (quadrupedal) but all gorillas can stand and walk just using their legs to some degree. Ambam has a particular talent in that he can stand and walk very upright (most gorillas can’t stand fully erect). Though Ambam’s talent is by no means unique (he has siblings that also have this ability) it isn’t very common. Standing up gives him a number of advantages such as looking over obstacles or looking for food, as well having two free hands to carry objects (gorillas walking on all fours would find it awkward to carry objects). He sometimes seems to rather walk upright when the ground is wet so that his hands stay dryer!

Although Ambam is now a firm favorite at the park, there is a possibility that he will be transferred to another park as part of the international captive breeding program.

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