Adopting an animal is the gift that keeps on giving

If you adopt an animal with The Aspinall Foundation, you will be giving endangered species a chance of survival for the future. 

The animals you adopt are figureheads for all endangered species and the money you donate is used to fund The Aspinall Foundations overseas conservation projects. The primary objective of our work is to return animals back into the wild, where it is safe to do so. This has already been possible for black rhino and western lowland gorilla, born at the parks in Kent, and now living back in the wild.

From just £3.50 per month you can help protect, feed, maintain health and enrich through play, the animals cared for in Kent and around the world. An online animal adoption is one of the best ways to help The Aspinall Foundation and makes a wonderful gift for both our animals and animal lovers.

Adopt an animal today